To root your mediatek device you must use this amazing software. It is full proof and 100% safe.

  • Step One

The download link is here for the rooting software : iROOT Download Here

  • Step Two

Download PDANet+(for drivers, skip if you have the drivers already installed) download from here : PDA NET+

  • Step Three

Connect your phone and turn on USB debugging(Settings->Developer Options->USB debugging, if you do not see developer options in Settings then Go to Settings->About Phone->Build Number, tap multiple times on Build Number until it says Congratulations, you are a developer, Go back to settings now you will see Developer Options and turn on USB debugging)

  • Step Four

Install Iroot and connect you phone with USB debugging ON. Let it install drivers for your phone. Press the root button and wait for it to root your device follow the onscreen instructions. Congrats you are now rooted. After reboot you will find Iroot app on your phone open it there might a popup to update the SU binary if there is please do so. (if you guys have any trouble please send me a screenshot i will be there to help anytime)

  • Step Five

Congratulations you have successfully rooted your device time to have fun now !!!! IF YOU GUYS HAVE TROUBLE WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE STEPS PLEASE COMMENT I WILL RETURN TO YOU GUYS AS SOON AS I RETURN HOME