Important Tools For MTK

Here are the list for the most useful tools that you must have as an MTK Device user. These tools will help you a lot throughout your journey with MTK Device.

MTK Droid TOOLS : This tool will help you to build custom CWM recovery for any MT65XX device. Tutorial here : Build CWM recovery for MTK device and make a SP Flash Tool backup which can help you a very lot in case you brick your device. Tutorial to make SP flash tool backup and restore tutorial coming soon. It also helps to restore your IMEI Number in case it was restored
– viewing of device information

 loading of scatter file used in flashing device
– rooting a device
– backing up of rom
– repair of device invalid imei problem
– flashing of custom recovery
– installation of supersu
– adb terminal function
– preparation of files for SP Flash tools

SP Flash Tool : This tool is a must have tool for you because it can help you to restore your device to stock in case you bricked your device. Sounds really useful doesn’t it ? Works for all MT65XX devices

-format device
-restore bricked device
-and other important function

iRoot : Best tool to root your MTK device risk free method 100% safe and permanent

-100% safe root
-fastest rooting method
-no risks