Setup Android Kitchen And Cygwin

Tutorial To Port kernel and Unpack/Repack boot.img

Things you need :
Java SE developement kit : Download
Cygwin : Download
Android Kitchen : Download

Steps To install Android Kitchen in Windows

1. After downloading the above two files extract the Cygwin and open the extracted folder. In this folder you will find another folder named ” cygwin_packages “. Copy this folder to ” ” Drive.
2. Then again go the extracted Cygwin folder i.e on the desktop of your computer and copy thesetup.exe setup.txt and setup.log.full to the folder named ” cygwin_packages ” that you copied in the ” C ” drive.
3. Now in cygwin_packages folder right click on the setup.exe and Run as Administrator.
4. Click on the ” Next ” and then select ” Install from Local Directory “.

5. Click on the ” Next “.

 6. Click on the ” Next “.

7. Click on the ” Next “. A message will appear click ” OK”.

 8Do single click in the area between the Red box.

 9. Click on ” Next “. A message will appear click ” Next “. After this installation will take place. After the installation process complete check the ” Create ion on Desktop ” and click on ” Finish “.
After this Right click on the Cygwin icon and Run as Administrator. Some process will take place after the completion of the process, close it.
10. Now open the  ” C ” Drive. In the drive you will find a folder named ” cygwin “. Open it.

11. Now open the ” home “ folder. In this folder you will find another folder having your Username. Open it.

12. Don’t delete any file. Make a new folder named ” kitchen “.

13. Open the folder named ” kitchen “. Now extract the file named  dsixda Android Kitchen “that you copied on your computer’s desktop. Then open the extracted folder of dsixda Android Kitchen.

14. Copy all the files that are in the extracted folder of  dsixda Android Kitchen ” and paste them in the ” kitchen ” folder that you made.

15. Now do Right click on the Cygwin icon and Run as Administrator.
16. Cygwin window will open. Now write ” cd kitchen ” and press ” Enter “.

 17. Now write  ./menu ” .

18. After this press ” Enter “. After this Android Kitchen will open. 
Congrats now you can make your own ROM or customize another ROM.
Congratulations you made it till the end