Restore IMEI 

To Restore your IMEI number follow the following steps :

Download MTK Droid Tool : Here

Turn Off your phone remove the battery and at the back you will find your IMEI number copy it somewhere

Now Turn On your phone Connect your Phone with USB debugging ON 

In MTK Droid Tools if there is a ROOT button then press it if not that is fine too

Now Click On IMEI/NVRAM Button

In the IMEI 1and IMEI 2 Type the IMEI Number which you copied Before in it.

Press Replace IMEI and Press OK press OK again

Now Reboot Your Device Whola your IMEI is Back 

In Case If You Still Don’t get your IMEI back it means your Phone’s sec_ro or ser_co has been replaced.


You Must have your stock SP Flashable ROM of your device or find it online 

Open SP Flash Tool Connect your device load the SP Flashable scatter file 

Uncheck all the options 

Only check the file sec_ro or ser_co 

Now Press download 

Whola ! Your IMEI is Back