OTA Creator

Tired of using the same old Android 4.2.2 because your manufacture doesn’t update your phone ?
Finally here is my answer YES you can

Things You Need :
  • Your Stock ROM which is CWM flashable and in .zip Format
  • A New Version Of ROM which is made for your device find it on google.
WORK IN PROGRESS : Trying to use a 4.3 ROM built for other device port it to my device and create 4.3 OTA for my device

Screenshots :

What is it?

Android ROM Delta Creator is a tool made by BurgerZ, which let you make an OTA (incremental update) between two ROMs, in zip format.
The OTA update will be way smaller than a full rom (for example, full : 720mo, OTA : 30mo)
This tool is very useful, because a majority of people make OTA with patchrom (for MIUI) or building from source (Cyanogenmod, Pac-Rom…), and building from source or patchrom it’s very difficult to do for beginners.
Too, this tool is easy to use and cross-platforms! 
Tutorial for installation and run :

If you have Linux : 
Extract the archive you just downloaded on your home directory. 
Open a Terminal (Shortcut on Ubuntu = CTRL + ALT + T), and type

  1. java -jar ~/jBART-master/ota_creator.jar

Copy the Code

Wait a little, and OTA Creator GUI should run! Don’t close the Terminal, or the software will close too.

If you have Windows :Extract the archive you just downloaded where you want.
With Windows Explorer, go to the folder where you extracted the archive.
Then Right Click on ota_creator.jar, “Open With”, and select “Java (TM) Platform SE Binary”.

If you have Mac OS X :

I’m sorry, I don’t own a Mac so I can’t tell you about how to do, but I think it’s the same procedure as Linux. 

Old ROM : Click the “…” on the right of Old ROM line. Select your Old ROM. (for exemple : 4.6.13)
New ROM : Click the “…” on the right of New ROM line. Select your New ROM. (for exemple : 4.6.20)
Out ROM : Click the “…” on the right of Out ROM line. Select the folder where the OTA will be create.

Once you selected everything… You can build the OTA. Click on “Create OTA”. 

Wait until you see “Done!” on the text case, and your OTA is build!

Credits Go To :
The Creator